Energy-emotional "Wash-out"

Energy-emotional "Wash-out"

Energy wash-out is a therapy technique aimed to release the subtle-energetic blockages of the energy centers (charkas), meridians and renew the energy flow between the major poles. It is to release the emotional trauma from the past that is blocked in the physical body tissue. As a result, a higher state of harmony and wholeness in the body-mind-soul are achieved.

The energy wash-out therapy technique incorporates four perspectives:

1.      Subtle-energetic - involves the two major poles, charkas, meridians and the magnetic field around the body

2.      Mental-emotional - Stress-response reduction, mental-emotional stability, and mindfulness/centered-ness

3.      Physical body - recovery from grave illness, injury, and disorder

4.      Deep-spiritual - renewal of well being, self-realization, and spiritual upliftment

During the therapy session, a patient may experience emotions associated with long-buried painful experiences and issues which float as emotional explosions such as laughing, crying or yelling. These emotions, may arise as part of natural and quite safe processes of self-healing and clearing. The physical sensations in parts or all of the body, such as tingling, physical tremor may precede or may be associated with the emotional expression. When the lower body tremor that appears in the legs occurs that is the final sign of complete energetic release. The goal is for all patients to achieve this release.

Following their therapy sessions the patient feels more at ease, clean, free, centered, and mindful. In such harmonious states, life energies are better conserved, less dispersed or exhausted, with high vitality, mental resourcefulness, sharper perception, emotional stability so that they can be invested and expressed in the self realization process.