Treatment and Energetic - Emotional Cleansing



Energetic - Emotional Cleansing  technique

This technique, which can be acquired, aims at restarting the flow of energy in every cell and throughout the body.

Once energy resumes its flow between the two poles, the emotions that blocked the passage will burst out with an emotional force that could be expressed in crying, laughing, or yelling.

Through it, many patients reach a deep awareness of the nature of their emotional block, even if the event that caused it took place decades ago. In addition, the free flow of energy will cause a real involuntary physical tremor. The body is filled with a sense of pleasurable release of love that often resembles an orgasm. Patients often refer to this sensation saying: "I have been reborn." The sensation is immediate and the patients can be taught how to maintain it by conducting the energy self wash-out. With this we could obtain the real conscious of being well and most importantly there is no therapist patient dependency.