The second course will cover the relationship between psyche, meridians, chakras and the physical body.

The following specific topics will be covered:

* Relationship between psychological conflict, stress and the four phases of life

* Breathing and the four phases of life

* Stress and its action on the autonomic nervous system

* The relationship between psychological conflict and energetic blockages

* The relationship between energetic disturbances and the development of disease

* Cancer as an attempt at survival - the physio-pathology of cancer

* The seven segments of the body and the seven aspects of life

* The seven chakras and the seven endocrine glands

* Psychological function of the seven energetic centres (Chakras)

* Physio-pathology of organs and meridians and their relation with the Universal Energetic Model

* Specific psychological conflicts that affect organs and their meridians

* Correlation between musculo-skeletal disturbances and alterations of the energetic flow of the meridians

* Practice to development of the Seventh Sense as a diagnostic technique

* Health: a new definition

* Suffering and disease

* The world of the genies  and psychiatric diseases

* Psycho-neuro-immunology

* Quantitative and qualitative energetic evaluation (stress and levels of vitality)