Quantum physics & Medicine

Ours is an era in which we are exposed to enormous quantities of information, flowing rapidly and endlessly. In addition to transferring information to and from a variety of medical systems, the new technologies allow combining old and new information.

 This helps us understand phenomena which, until very recently, were considered mystical knowledge, or were lost in occult. This new perception of things is most important when trying to fathom the inner workings of the human body or brain. For the first time, humans are beginning to better understand the various brain processes or the connection between nerve structure and consciousness.

We have also established a harmonious interdisciplinary association, ranging from particle physics, through magnetic science, chemistry, biology, and human physiology. After all, this is only logical: We exist in the same universe and cosmic laws apply to all of its components, regardless of their form.

The holographic model helped us understand how information is stored in the brain as energy waves, not as substance. Hence, we can understand the functioning of the brain as a wave analyzer in its attempt to bring memory and past experience into the present awareness.

Thanks to quantum and particle physics, we have a better understanding of the energy structure of substances. The theory of the spiral structure model, as described in his book, provided us with a better understanding of the relationships between energy and mass, showing that substance is energy pulsating at a certain frequency that makes it structure with mass. Thus, we are supplied with tools for the comprehension of human physiology. Everything is made of one and the same primordial energy. As science progresses in the study of higher energy, it is coming closer to ancient paradigms of energy. Therefore, researchers are changing their views of the essence of human life and placement of the universe.

Quantum physics and the holographic model promoted new thinking currents that aim at examining the complex energetic association between man and his environment.

Newton's mechanistic model is being replaced by holistic paradigms that view everything as a single entity. Particle physics scientists have been reaching similar conclusions concerning the relation between the individual and nature's singleness - just as ancient Chinese philosophers described the relation between man and the universe. The astrophysical sciences collect information showing that all that exists comes from a singular source of energy in which the Big Bang occurred, followed by particles, gas, substances, planets, starts and galaxies. This modern scientific view corresponds with ancient religious views of the universes as a single whole, emanating from a single source of endless divine power.

The various substances in our universe are the result of molecular evolution that lasted millions of years. Quarks merged to form more complex molecules such as protons and neutrons, the underlying particles of all substance in our universe, going from hydrogen to helium, to carbon, and to other elements. That primordial energy is regulated by laws that direct the evolutionary process in every sphere.

 This regularity is the cosmic consciousness. Hence we can state that consciousness is the primordial energy, which joins the physical body and returns to spirit when the physical body has completed its natural cycle and returns to its original source - the earth. The transition of that energy from being a spirit that contains the entire range of experience and information, collected from life's events in the form of holographic waves, is the bridge between the material worlds - and so we understand the main motivation of the evolutionary process.

 Neither chemistry nor physics were able to solve the mystery or explain the complexity of human physiology. Only when the aspect of energy was added to the two sciences, can we comprehend the entire scope of human life. This spiritual entity does not reject scientific laws, but merely expands their perspective so that they include a very high-frequency physical reality. When our view of things expands to encompass the higher-energy aspect, we begin to establish a new physiology and medicine for the New Age that sees human beings as a single entity comprising body, mind and soul.