Body Mind and Soul

Very few researchers have so far thoroughly studied the interconnections between body, energy and consciousness. Most of them still follow Newton's mechanist model. Yet, with the advent of higher energy studies (particle physics), the nature of these relationships will become increasingly clear.   As the number of physicians and healers interested in holistic medicine continues to grow, so the term "holistic" becomes clearer. The holistic view of health and well being does not only pertain to balancing the physical and psychological bodies, but must also include aspects of the spiritual - the soul - nourished by the energy absorbed from food, air and through the skin; through the energy centers, the Chakras; blood and the various body liquids; Meridians, and the aura that surrounds each cell and the entire body.  

Denying the fact that it is the spirit (Energy) that gives life to the physical body, circulating and moving it, means losing the main point - the uniqueness of human essence. When a physician is more a healer than a technician, he has a better appreciation of the function of the soul as a factor motivating life and maintaining well being. Human essence, therefore, comprises the merging of the physical body, the energetic soul, and the mind.   These three elements maintain a dynamic balance between them, from the highest energies of the soul to the physical reality. Our body tissues are composed not only of proteins, lipids, oxygen, glucose and other chemical substances, but also of higher energy that flows through the cells, regulating life activities. The direct manifestation of this energy is measurable directly by the transmembrane electrical potential, which could be direct manifestation of the vital energy state.