Cosmic Energy

A basic understanding of the qualities of cosmic energy is the substructure leading to the comprehension of the various physiological processes, which points us to the understanding that the body is, in fact, the physical expression of the energy body (the soul).   An analysis of cosmic energy according to scientific comprehension will take us beyond the boundaries of science and soon we will discover that we are discussing the mystic qualities of our creator, as religions view them.

When a group of German scientists in the eighties, reexamined the findings of Wilhelm Reich, they described the proprieties of the cosmic energy first mentioning that this energy (Orgon, as it was called by Reich) is everywhere, filling every space, has no mass, and is primordial - that is, preceding all other forms of energy or substance.   In fact, this is the energy that existed before the Big Bang, the zero point energy. But is this not the very same text that all the known religions use to describe God - who is everywhere, lacks substance or shape, and is the source of all creation?