Thoughts and emotions are energy as well, the source of which is the same life energy in the body. Blocking or over-consuming emotions will have an impact on the body's life energy.  The way we express our emotions and deal with crises in life will determine whether we will keep flowing and be happy, or block the energy in one of the four stages.

 Holding back our tears and not crying following a crisis of emotional separation from a parent, will block the energy in the bronchi, which will create greater tension of the membranes. External stimuli such as cold weather, animal hair dust, or some other stressing factor, will further increase that tension, which will surface as spastic bronchitis or asthma. Close observation of diseases will easily reveal the stage in which a certain organ or region was blocked. Thus it is easy to see that arrhythmia or epilepsy follow from energy stuck at the level of excitement; stomach ulcers, arterial hyper tension, migraine follow a block on the contraction stage; while depression, varicose veins, atrophic muscle diseases ,dilative cardiomyopathy are the result of energy stuck in the release stage.  

The type of the disease will help us understand how the patient had expressed his/her emotions in view of a past conflict, as expressed in a certain organ. This understanding will make it easier to take action to correct the energy imbalance behind the disease. Furthermore, we will have an indication on how the conflict behind the disease is to be processed.  

 For example, when a woman has a right-breast cancer, the reason for this is, most probably, a non-sexual conflict with her spouse that was expressed in excess through weeping or arguing with him. This took place while the woman did not have the support of people around her, thus further consuming her own energy, specifically from the right breast. This woman may be advised to stop crying and seek emotional support and love from her associates and, above all, to process the conflict fully, even if it has been years since it occurred. A woman with a benign tumor in her right breast can be strongly advised to fully express her emotions, even through tears.