Four Life Phases

Four Life Phases: excitement, expansion, contraction, and release  

Closely examining the human heart’s functions, we learn and understand it as a functional energetic representation of the universe as a whole.   The heart, like the universe, has two poles, positive and negative, with current running between them. When energy flows properly between the two poles, it follows the four stages that exist in all aspects of life in the universe: excitement, expansion, contraction, and release.

The stages provide an insight into the life process: from the first spark of love in a male-female encounter, to the expansion in the wake of sexual excitement, through orgasmic contraction, down to release.   Then, from the spark of the initial contact between the sperm and the ovum, the nine months of embryo evolution, birth pangs, and post-natal release.

The same thing happened in the very beginning at the moment of the spark of the big bang which lead to the actual expansion state, which will be followed by the contraction stage (the Big Crunch) and will end with release, waiting for another cycle of another big bang. A free energy flow between the poles endows us with a sense of power, security, joy, and the ability to give and love unconditionally, while enjoying other's love for us.