Universal Model

The incorporation of physical explanations in his book allows us to understand the basic natural laws that can be implemented on all levels - mental as well as physical. We develop a universal energy model, which describes the characteristics of particles such as quarks and their spiral spin, helps us understand the connection between the particles and the source of the universal concept of trinity. The connection between two quarks causes the creation of a new particle, named Meson. Yet, only the merger of a third quark explains the high stability demonstrated by protons and neutrons.  

This model - three parts forming one - is repeated in all levels of our universe, in the nucleus, the three quarcones in the magnetic monopole, recently discovered by the
author, the fetal three layers from which all anatomical structure comes from, the three parts of the psyche, as it was described by Freud, Id, Ego and Superego and the three components of the soul, animal, , human and the guiding Spirit. The textural structure of the nucleus' energy provides an insight into the power of attraction between different magnetic poles and the rejection of similar ones. The model helps us understand that due to its polar power, energy flows through channels, which the Chinese call Meridians.